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Dealer 101- The Vintage Vault

Find cool and unique items here. Things you haven't seen in years. Some are rare and some just plain awesome!! We carry a wide variety of items from: antiques, Victorian, mid-century, vintage, 90's and more!! 

We also host events like the Open Air Market & Art Walk. These events are put on every first and third Saturday of each month, rain or shine. View our homepage for upcoming event dates and times, or subscribe to our newsletter to always be informed as to when our events take place and when we get a new vendor added to our vault family! 

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Dealer 103- Monstera Shine 

Yatziri sells beautifully up kept indoor, shade, and outdoor plants. 


Dealer 105- Toys 4 Life by Gigi

Toys and collectibles for kids and kids at heart!! 


Dealer 104- Mama Dog Collars

Custom-Handmade-Dog Collars of all of your horror film favorite designs!!

Dealer 106- Randy & Julie 

This couple has a variety of finds, like: baseball cards, Super Bowl items, Dragon Ball Z energy drinks and more!


Dealer 107- Spruce Clay Co.

Hand crafted clay jewelry. 


Dealer 108- Marcella

This dealer has really cool Lladro, "I Love Lucy", items as well as Madame Alexander dolls.  


Dealer 109- Coming Soon


Dealer 110- Coming Soon


Dealer 111- Gina Jones

Vintage and modern, pre-loved clothing and accessories for everyone. 

Dealer 112- Cindy 

Vintage and modern, pre-loved clothing and accessories for everyone. 


Dealer 113- Doug Thurell

This is were you will find some cool collectibles, items I am sure you haven't seen before!


Dealer 114- 2434 Collectibles

Fernando sells a variety items in his case from collectibles, toys, hot wheels, POP!, baseball cards (one of the most popular), and much much more! check out his eBay shop at "2434Collectibles".

Dealer 115- Bad Mama Jamas

Here you will find moto, western, art, oddities, and antiques, even rad taxidermy!! Jennifer also sells vintage and modern clothing. Lots of great pendleton flannels. 


Dealer 116- Cherry Frankenstitch 

Marisol sells vintage, retro, and modern clothing. 

Dealer 117- Coming Soon


Dealer 118- Daniel & Jewels 

Brother and Sister sell their pre-loved rockabilly and Gothic finds. Starting with the epic nightmare before Xmas, Frankenstein, hello kitty, " I love Lucy", and vintage cameras. 


Dealer 119- Prince of Stitches  

Just a weirdly awesome guy that sews. He also does amazing leather work!! 


Dealer 120- La Vida Galore Vintage

Vintage and antique mexican items and other great finds.


Dealer 121- Retro Beehive

This shop is run by 7 individuals! Each of which contribute such fun vintage and retro clothing, bags, and jewelry to the shop at very reasonable prices. 

Dealer 122- That's Bitchin'

Groovy finds picked just for you!! 


Dealer 123- Nancy  

Nancy has a wide variety of items in her case. There is something for everyone. From jewelry to military items, toys, hats, signs, t-shirts, sports items, and more. It is ever changing come and see what she has in the store for you. 


Dealer 124- Terra Nova  

Homemade body care products: soap, deodorant, scrubs, sunscreen, and more!! 

Dealer 125- Til' Death Vintage

Hand picked and curated vintage items by the lovely couple Ana and Jacob. 


Dealer 126- Jason 

Video Games and retro consoles. 


Dealer 127- Graceful Moon

Enhancements for your home or alter. Massage and healing art intuitive healer Libby sells: Palo Santo, crystals and divine smelling candles. 

Dealer 129- Alex 



Dealer 130- Kitten Frost

Hand made makeup bags and hats. 


Dealer 131- 2434 Collectibles Hot Wheels

Fernando has such a great collection of Hot Wheels that they have their own designated dealer number and placement.

Great finds at only $3!! 


Dealer 132- Virginia Rios

A large makeup selection as well as brushes

Dealer 133- Aaron Manser

Collection of nic nacs you are bound to find something


Dealer 135- Piece of Mine

This shop is run by three guys that love Tee's! They all contribute such great vintage tee's, and awesome denim. The even have great finds in the case like back packs, skateboards, and caps.