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Dealer 101 - The Vintage Vault

Find cool and unique items here. Things you haven't seen in years. Some are rare and some just plain awesome!! We carry a wide variety of items from: antiques, Victorian, mid-century, vintage, 90's and more!! 

We also host events like the Open Air Market & Art Walk. These events are put on every first and third Saturday of each month, rain or shine. View our homepage for upcoming event dates and times, or subscribe to our newsletter to always be informed as to when our events take place and when we get a new vendor added to our vault family! 


Dealer 105 - Toys 4 Life by GiGi

Toys and collectibles for kids and kids at heart!! 

Find Toys 4 Life by GiGi in store and on Instagram



Dealer 107- Sanjicat

Stickers, pins, and 3D prints

Find Sanjicat in store and on Instagram



Dealer 108 - Brian

Brian has lots of mini figures as well as lego collectibles and Funko Pops

Find Brian in store and on Instagram 


Dealer 112 - Cindy 

Vintage and modern, pre-loved clothing and accessories for everyone. 


Dealer 114 - 2434 Collectibles

Fernando sells a variety items in his case from collectibles, toys, hot wheels, POP!, baseball cards (one of the most popular), and much much more!

Find 2434 Collectibles in store, on ebay and Instagram



Dealer 116 - Cherry Frankenstitch 

Marisol sells vintage, retro, and modern clothing. 

Find Cherry Frankenstitch in store and on Instagram



Dealer 117 - Evil Queen Bootique

Denise is a creator and conjuror of all things spo oky including art, taxidermy, oddities, and curiosities

Find Evil Queen Bootique in store and on Instagram



Dealer 122- That's Bitchin'

Groovy finds picked just for you!! 


Dealer 125- Til' Death Vintage

Hand picked and curated vintage items by the lovely couple Ana and Jacob. 


Dealer 131- 2434 Collectibles Hot Wheels

Fernando has such a great collection of Hot Wheels that they have their own designated dealer number and placement.

Great finds at only $3!! 

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