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Dealer 119

Art Alcantar

Truly Collectables

I’ve been collecting various things that appeal to me since the mid-nineties.  With a booth here at the Vintage Vault I have an opportunity to surround myself with the things I love but also to share and describe and tell the stories of the items. 


King Ludwig II of Bavaria






Fine China


Los Angeles Dodgers


  • Baseball Cards


  • Dodger collectables



Having worked in the Music business for companies like Capitol Records and Universal Music as well at the Universal and Warner Brother’s studio lots, I had access to many items only available to employees.




Of course you’ll  find classic movies and cartoon series on DVD but…don’t get rid of your VHS players yet. In the nineties the VCR was still alive. At that time DVD’s were just starting and VHS was the popular format. I bought full collection of the Universal Minters (Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolman, Creature from the Black Lagoon, etc...). I also bought full collections of Abbott and Costello Movies and the classic Bob Hope movies… all on VHS. I also have Warner Brother’s posters like Casablanca which were a limited print edition and are very rare to find today.




In the early 2000’s I found myself caught by the animation cell bug. These are the clear plastic sheets cartoon characters are painted upon at slight variations and when flicked like a deck of cards the images appear to move. This is how cartoons used to be made.

Production drawings and cels

Those cartoons were preceded by artist drawings to create a storyboard then transferred to clear cels and hand painted. Tedious to say the least. These drawing and cels, when found together are the most collectable. Thin about It.. there can only be one cel per pose in existence.  This makes them extremely collectable, either one if separated.  Of course the value like anything is based on supply and demand. The images we all know and love are the most valuable.




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