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Keep scrolling to see what the Vintage Vault has to offer. Lots of great vendors and events suitable for all ages.

Business Hours:

Sunday: 12pm - 5pm

Monday: 12pm - 5pm

Tuesday: 12pm - 6pm

Wednesday: 12pm - 6pm

Thursday: 12pm - 6pm

Friday: 12pm - 6pm

Saturday: 10am - 6pm

**keep in mind we may have extended hours depending on events**

Closed on New Year's Day

Holding Hands


Getting Married, having a large party, or just need an outdoor space for a gathering? Look no further than The Vintage Vault.


Please ask us for event and space availability!

Valentine's Massacre  

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The Vintage Vault



VaVaVoom Events

Valentine's Massacre is going to be an incredible event with a wide array of vendors, fantastic photo opportunities, an outdoor bar, delectable gourmet food, live music, and captivating performances. Moreover, there will be exciting celebrity meet and greets for all the fans out there. The best part is that it's a family-friendly event and admission is absolutely free!

Saturday, February 10th 4pm-9pm     308 N 2nd Ave. Upland, CA 91786

irish fest.JPG

Upland's Irish Festival  


Welcome to the Upland Irish Festival – where we bring a touch of Ireland to Southern California! Join us on March 15th-16th for a diverse celebration of food, music and fun.

Satisfy your taste buds with a variety of flavors, from the savory to sweet delights, paired with a selection of refreshing drinks. The festival is not just about food – it’s an immersive experience for the whole family. Enjoy games suitable for all ages, ax throwing for the adults, a kids activity area and dance to upbeat music in the center of the festival.

Explore the marketplace showcasing a range of goods, from handmade crafts to unique treasures. Find that special souvenir to remember your time at the festival.

The main stage comes alive with live entertainment, featuring a mix of music genres. From traditional tunes to contemporary performances, there’s something for everyone.

Join us at the Upland Irish Festival for a two-day celebration of culture, community, and camaraderie with maybe a touch of tradition. Save the date, invite your friends and family, and let the festivities begin in Upland, California!


Friday, March 15th & Saturday, March 16th     Downtown Upland, CA 91786

lemon fest_edited.jpg

Upland's Lemon Festival  

The Lemon Festival has been an important part of Upland tradition since 1997. What originally started as a simple way of celebrating the city’s citrus industry origins has grown into a city-wide affair including the annual Lemon Idol vocal contest, food competitions, craft vendors, community organizations, carnival rides and more. Over time the Festival has grown to truly bring the Upland community together, and annually attracts over 70,000 people as the premier event in the Inland Empire.

Friday, June 14th - Sunday, June 16th     Downtown Upland, CA 91786

more events coming soon.jpeg

Senior Citizen Discounts: 20% off Vendor # 101.       
10% off entire transaction.

Student Discounts: 20% off Vendor # 101. 
  10% off entire transaction.
Must present valid student ID at the time of purchase

Military Discounts: 20% off Vendor # 101.       
10% off entire transaction.
Must present valid Military ID at the time of purchase

We here at The Vintage Vault host several events throughout the year. At times other events take place in Historic Downtown Upland. During such events you will find an array of entertainment, food, live music and culture. Please make sure to check out all that the businesses here in downtown and see what they have to offer. Likewise, leave us a comment on Facebook or Instagram to let us and all of your friends know you're attending such events and your experience. 
Use #uplandmurals #vintagevaultofupland #vaultofuplandoam #vaultofupland

“I love the Vintage Vault. Every time I go in there I find something to get. The people are so personable and the prices are great. Go there to look around and you won’t regret it." -Steven Ipson, Upland


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