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Spot Light - Imaging Dentistry

A little less than two months ago The Vintage Vault recieved a special visit from Dr. Grigoryan, of what is now Imaging Dentistry of Upland. His mission was easy, and our determination to help him was easier!

Dr. Grigoryan came to the Vault in search of very unique items to decorate his new dental office with.

It wasn't hard at all to find such great pieces here at the Vault to do so! We are proud to say that Dr. Grigoryan left very pleased with the items he had found here to really give his dental office that unique and professional look! Here are just a few pictures that we took at his grand opening where all his great finds are displayed for all to see!

Dr. Grigoryan standing by chairs.

Sconce - V.V

2 Framed Pictures - V.V (Grand Opening)

Framed Picture - V.V.

Table & Items

Table & Items

Sconces & Items

All Seen

Mirror & Items

Items seen

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