Here at the Vintage Vault we carry Paint and Paddles, a chalk paint line. There are 40 colors to choose from. Chalk paint is a great option because it has no VOC's, no fumes or smell, it dries quickly, and requires very little to no sanding. The finished look is different from regular paint because chalk paint has a matte appearance. 


Also carried is dark and clear wax, brushes, and several other of my savvy sister items such as: chalk dust and embossing dust. 

At the store there are a variety of pieces of furniture and signage which have been painted using chalk paint. If you would like any of your personal furniture painted, we also offer that service. 


If you have a project you are working on or are interested in taking classes at the Paint & Paddles studio with the staff available for any questions you may have come on into The Vintage Vault to get more information.